Visual mapping platform for data-intensive industries

We help digital workers collaborate, eliminate inefficiencies, and stay up to date with their projects. All while considering the big picture, at all times.

Our mission

Our mission is to give users easy access to their quality data in a way that they never experienced before, in a single unified place.

By utilizing the combined strengths of gaming technology and the cloud, we visualize massive amounts of data, and make it available everywhere, on any device, at any time.

Stop using outdated ways of presenting the hard work you do every day in your specialist tools. Let Glex do the boring work and focus on value-creating tasks.

Visualize all data within one interface

The software combines public data, company data and vendor data in a flexible way, and seamlessly visualize it in both the 2D and 3D domain, using mapping technology, digital elevation models, point clouds, 3D models, real-time rendering and more.

All objects have associated metadata that can be used for filtering, searching and analysis, and is visualized through a layer of data-visualization, using charts, graphs, and tables, as well as with images and video.

Users can easily add new spatial and metadata.

The data can be located anywhere on the planet, whether it is offshore or onshore, both above and below the seabed.

Integrate your data

We are working hard to develop a cloud based, data-agnostic back-end that supports any type of structured or unstructured data in a geographically referenced database.

We designed our back-end to be able to connect to data-sources and data-lakes through modern APIs and microservices.


Spend your time doing value-creating tasks instead of trying to get your data or result into a PowerPoint.

View your data in context

Combine, visualize and analyze all your data in one interface. Public data, company data and 3rd party data. Allows different set ups for different user groups.

Clearly see connections

Visually spot hidden links, missing data, bad data. Use the filter and search systems to quickly find what you need!

Increase understanding

Increase understanding throughout your organisation by sharing data in a seamless manner

Easily present results

Save time by using the built in presentation tools. No time lost by exporting, importing re-formatting and making presentations

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