Frequently Asked Questions

What is GLEX?

GLEX is a visual data integration platform allowing companies to combine and visualize their internal databases with a range of public data, company data and third-party data in 2D and 3D.

Who is GLEX for?

Our focus at the moment is helping oil companies streamline their Exploration processes and visualized their data, but really it's anyone with a lot of data and a need for visualization such as within fish farming, renewable energy, public sector, transportation and finance.

On what platforms are Glex currently available?

Glex is currently only available for PC and Mac, but will be available as a web-based application and mobile devices later this year.

When will Glex be released?

We are currently working with one pilot customer in the oil and gas business, and are looking for more projects!

Does the data need to go through your back-end?

At the moment we need to pass some data through our back-end for optimization purposes, but we are working on a set of API's which allows companies to connect their data-sources directly.